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Learn how and why YesHelp was started

Written by Mark
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First, a Thank You

Thank you everyone for helping Ukraine and Ukrainians during these trying times.

We are grateful to Dentons, Google, Intercom, Ionic, Lenovo Foundation, Microsoft Philanthropies, Regula, Stream, Zurich Foundation and many individuals for supporting YesHelp!

Our inspiration for starting YesHelp

YesHelp was created by the team from OneIQ Corp., a fullstack intelligence software-as-a-service company located in Ontario, Canada. It was established in 2007 by five founders. All of them were once immigrants, with four of them originally from Kyiv. Today one-third of the company’s current team is from Ukraine.





When the Russian invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, Mark Angelo, CEO of OneIQ, paused the commercial business and sectioned off a portion of his company to establish YesHelp - a non-profit organization to help those Ukrainians who were forced to leave the country and face challenges they could not prepare for.

While Mark was setting up the YesHelp legal entity and harnessing support from industry giants such as Google and Microsoft, Oleg Grodzevich, CTO of OneIQ, designed the underlying platform architecture, selected core technologies and led the development of the YesHelp mobile application and backend services.

The third co-founder of YesHelp was Jelena Cvetanovic. Originally from Serbia and with 10 years of experience at Microsoft prior to joining OneIQ, she brought tremendous engineering expertise to the mobile application development process.

Natasha Deyanova, who was forced to leave her home in Kyiv, added communication expertise to round out the team. She also brought acute awareness around the challenges displaced Ukrainian women were facing, ultimately shaping YesHelp to focus on women helping women.

The YesHelp team was driven by a single purpose - to create a scalable solution to bring good to as many displaced Ukrainian women and children as possible. This purpose was shared by people from around the globe working at outstanding companies, without whom YesHelp would not be possible:

  • Google

  • Intercom

  • Microsoft

  • Regula

  • Stream

  • Zurich Foundation

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