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Different ways of helping
Different ways of helping

No matter who or where you are, every bit of help makes a big difference in the lives of displaced Ukrainians

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Here are some examples of how you can support helpees in need:

Child Care

Watch children for a couple of hours or longer, while the helpee is getting settled or running errands.


Donate appliances, bicycles, clothing, furniture, groceries, school supplies, toys or anything else. Love to cook? Meal donations are also welcome!

Getting settled

Share your knowledge and guide helpees of how they can become a part of your community. Answer questions directly inside the YesHelp app or accompany a helpee to where they need assistance (e.g. bank, employment center, government office, immigration center).

Pet Care

Watch pets for a few hours / days, so that helpees can do what they need to regain a sense of normalcy. Have recommendations where to get pet food / supplies or best places to go for a dog walk? Please share your insights!


Whether you have an entire place, a room or a shared space you could offer to helpees for a few days or longer, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Open hearts and open doors truly make a difference in allowing helpees find places to live and get back on their feet.


Smart translation is built into YesHelp so that you can communicate with helpees as if you speak the same language. However, if you do speak the language of helpees and can act as a translator, this would be of tremendous value.


Most helpees do not have a car, so if you can pick them up from the airport / bus / train station, help them get around the city or perhaps take them grocery shopping, this would be really appreciated.

These are the different types of help offers currently supported by YesHelp. If you'd like to help in other ways, please reach out to us with your suggestions - we are here to listen.

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