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How can I use YesHelp to make difference?
How can I use YesHelp to make difference?

Whether you are just thinking about helping or already trying to help directly or through a volunteer organization, YesHelp can support you

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First, a Thank You

Thank you to everyone for helping Ukraine and Ukrainians during these trying times.

We are grateful to Dentons, Google, Intercom, Ionic, Microsoft Philanthropies, Regula, Stream, Zurich Foundation and many individuals for supporting YesHelp!

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What best describes you?

Yes, your help is priceless

Every bit of your help is priceless when offered to someone who needs it. YesHelp will connect you with displaced Ukrainians you can:

  • Trust thanks to ID verification

  • Understand with real-time language translation

  • Support because they are new to your community and need your help

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