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I am thinking about helping displaced Ukrainians
I am thinking about helping displaced Ukrainians

What will happen if I sign up with YesHelp and how will the app help me get started?

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Government and municipal programs supporting displaced Ukrainians are indispensable in covering their basic needs. People need them to survive, but what they need to live is a feeling of fundamental trust in the people around them in a new, sometimes totally unfamiliar environment.

By registering in YesHelp, you'll be able to support Ukrainian families in a way that you can and at your own pace. It may take a little bit of your time, given your busy schedule, but you won't need to change your routines. Here are some examples of how you can make a big difference with a little bit of effort:

  • Give a piece of advice, answer questions and share information. How to find a school for a child? How to obtain a prescription? How to open a bank account? There are many how-to questions in the lives of people new to your community - sharing your knowledge will help them tremendously!

  • Set up a playdate with your kids. Watch their children for a couple of hours while their mom runs errands. Teach them a few phrases in your language.

  • Show where to walk their dog. Help them find a new pet food brand for a ca. Recommend a vet whom you trust.

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