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I am a member of a local volunteer organization
I am a member of a local volunteer organization

We are already helping displaced Ukrainians. How will YesHelp be useful to me?

Written by Mark
Updated over a week ago

Volunteer organizations are crucial in not letting this displacement crisis become a catastrophe. For many Ukrainian families, you are the beacon of support and an essential source of help during the first weeks and even months of life in your community.

We know how difficult it can be, physically and emotionally, to support everyone asking for help. And we know that you do your best to help those you can.

YesHelp can help you in several ways once some volunteers from your community are registered in the app:

  • With real-time multi-language translation, you'll be able to chat inside the YesHelp app with Ukrainians as if you speak the same language - to ask and answer questions, and learn about the types of help people need before they join your community.

  • For some volunteer organizations, it is important to track how they support displaced Ukrainians. The YesHelp app automatically records all the interactions so it can bring more order to your volunteering activities.

  • Some Ukrainians can visit volunteer centers to ask for material help such as clothing and food. However, they hesitate to ask for small non-material help, such as a piece of advice from someone local. With YesHelp, you can provide valuable insights in-person or remotely, right within the app.

  • You'll see how many displaced Ukrainians are nearby in need of help you can offer and you can decide whom you'd like to reach out to.

  • With government-level ID verification provided by Regula, you can be sure that all users are verified.

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