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I am helping displaced Ukrainians on my own
I am helping displaced Ukrainians on my own

How can YesHelp support my efforts as a non-professional volunteer?

Written by Mark
Updated over a week ago

Your goodwill to help Ukrainians means a lot to them and their families. Your warmth, attention and care help them feel welcome and secure. This is crucial for everyone in a new country, with its own unique character and culture.

The YesHelp app will help you find Ukrainians and help them safely and securely:

  • YesHelp will show you people nearby who need the type of help you offer - just indicate it in the I want to help section of your profile.

  • With automated, real-time translation, you can chat to get to know and understand each other as if you speak the same language, before meeting in real life.

  • Every user is a real person who passed ID verification, just as you did - because YesHelp wants people within the app to be able trust each other.

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